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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Honeybees, Rainy Trees, & a Sleepy Newborn

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Awkward Things You Might Hear Me Say

"I wish the flowers would stop trying to involve me in their love lives."

Actually, I'm usually a bit more graphic about it when I've been sneezing for a few hours, but for today there is rain and the damp keeps the pollen from attacking my face.  Even so, I have been spending the day cleaning cameras like crazy and trying not to feed my Pinterest addiction with yet more frilly wedding photography.  I need to stop drooling over barn and beach weddings until later this spring when I can start shooting them more often, for now I am just focused on building ideas.

I've changed editing programs after my favorite publisher/printer stated hey would no longer be supporting the previous one.  I don't normally use third party "actions" for editing, but there are a few unique ones I adore for this set so it may be a change for the better.  Also, it allows me to reduce the time spent fighting with individual tools because I am obsessive over getting skin, hair and eyes to look ideal in my photography.

On the up-side, I've managed to hear from a number of weddings and our June and July dates are filling up again.  Couples still looking should request their day soon, and those thinking about a 2015 date will get fresh new images in the next few weeks to give them some ideas for their day.

Friday, May 16, 2014

When the Cat's Away...

No, just no.

I am a little annoyed this morning to find out that while focused on my pregnancy concerns and newborn, my kindness has been taken advantage of and it has reflected poorly on our photography here at Akelis Studios.

Why is this such an issue?  Because I love every one of my photos for the story they tell, the success for each model as their portfolio grows, and the happy couple who can share those memories for years. This means when somebody disrespects the subject of a shoot it is a reflection of how they feel about that person, that story, or that couple.

Life is messy and imperfect at times.  We learn from making those mistakes and it makes us better people in the end.  Splashing around in a pond or a pool is the only way to really learn to swim.  Scribbling is how we start learning to draw, even our greatest artists started with just a box of crayons and some free time to color.  

Unfortunately, mistakes in business can ruin chances of working with a great client or getting recommendations for future work.  I will be emailing and calling all impacted by the recent issues personally and take this time to apologize for the behavior and comments of an unprofessional nature.

Thursday, May 8, 2014


$99 Infant & Child Photography Special Offer
May - August 2014

Professional infant and newborn photography taken in your own home by a local artist.  Avoid the hassle of the mall's studios with restricting time limits, pose requirements, package gimmicks, and unfamiliar settings that disturb baby.  We come to your home or favorite location and capture precious moments for you.  Show off your little boy splashing in a puddle or capture those miss matched socks your little girl insists on wearing now that she can dress herself.  Perhaps you too have a new addition and want to share not just the cute little fingers and toes, but all the beauty of your nursery.  We can work in any room to tell your story. Great for newborns, shy children, family photos with pets, and cake smash images for first birthday celebrations!

No hidden fees or re-order archival charges, and no need to call back for extra prints. all the edited images come to you on one DVD. Collages, birth announcements, and other items can be ordered through our collections or build your own with your favorite website and no need to worry about coming back for a release every time you want more.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Baby Hobbit Adventures

As most of you will know, baby watch has been on for a while now.  On May 1st our family here at Akelis Studios Photography grew by one tiny little baby.  Named for her favorite little fantasy novel hero, this is our first look at one of the many adorable newborn shots Jeannine is sharing with us here at Akelis Studios.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Time Means Splashing in the Puddles

Some days you just need to jump in the puddles.

On Friday my husband lost his job.  That job is our steady income so I can continue taking weddings as they come rather than need to contract out for other work or raise our prices and make it more difficult for clients to budget for quality work.  If you are familiar with the job market in the United States you'll understand why this is a frightening thing for my family.  Compound it with the impending birth of our new baby and the fact that it was his company which provides our insurance... we're in a tough position to say the least.

SO... how does one cope with all this stress?  I take my son outside in his cute little rain boots and let him enjoy the warm spring day while jumping in muddy puddles.  I'm still cleaning dirt off the camera, but I also promise the photos are worth it.  His smile makes the stressful moments fade and reminds me that so long as we have a roof over him, food in his belly, and can afford to do the same for our newborn... that means it will be alright.

Keep an eye out after I play with some new color editing programs and you'll get to see my handsome little man and his classic "playing in the puddles".

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Budgets Are My Bag

So many lovely brides contacting us for late summer and early fall weddings!  Tanya and I are working hard to answer emails and keep planning the shoot for the fall line while I wait for the impending baby to decide they are ready to join us "on the outside".  Add in that the poor husband and I are still looking for a larger place closer to where he is working, and I feel like I have plenty of reasons to "pop" any day now.

Prices have been updated and I need to plug them in this week so you can see the new price lists for all our services.  We're keeping in mind budgets and trying to offer the best over all results based on what has been popular for the last year or two.  My biggest aim is to offer digital galleries and options to allow more clients to share their images with friends and family even if they do not feel an album is part of their needs.

Once again I am sticking to my guns on affordable packages and quality images being the goals, meaning I have taken on the challenge to find ways to keep everything in-house for editing and sourced local printing to keep cost down.  I am proud that for the third year in a row we are set to do everything under $2000 for even our most elaborate package and longest day.